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By Sully, August 26, 2016 0 News

Titanfall 2 started the second and final weekend of their open multiplayer technical test today (Friday). The test will run from Friday June 26 through Sunday June 28. That means that you have another chance to dive into the upcoming… Read More »

By M.T. Sullivan, August 24, 2016 0 , ,

The bat is back and this time it’s up to you (as gamer extraordinaire) to make every crucial decision which… Read More »

By Sully, August 23, 2016 0 News

If Fallout 4 still has you enthralled, then I’m sure you’ve been waiting for more news on the sixth and final add-on for the game. Bethesda just unleashed the official trailer so you can see for yourself what Nuka World… Read More »

By Sully, August 4, 2016 0 News

The self-proclaimed King of Fighters returns to the PS4 on August 23 with a full compliment of your favorite fighters from the franchise, along with plenty of new faces. Team Japan, Team Yagami, Team Fatal Fury, Team Art of Fighting,… Read More »

By Sully, August 3, 2016 0 News

In a gaming landscape bereft of originality, it’s refreshing to see a new game concept unlike anything else on the market. ReElise combines 2-D hand-drawn art, Hip-Hop culture, and classic RPG controls with some faith-based battles against evil. If you’ve gotten… Read More »

By Sully, August 3, 2016 0 God, God Connection

We as a people, and gamers in particular, have an obsession with living in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether that apocalypse is caused by a zombie outbreak, a nuclear fallout or a demonic portal opening, we seek out these altered realities… Read More »

By Brandon Z, July 20, 2016 0 , ,

It looks like the age of video game remasters rolls on. Every couple weeks it seems that a new HD… Read More »

By Sully, July 1, 2016 Comments Off on Star In Your Own Old Spice Game News

What if I told you that Old Spice brought the insanity from their great commercials and made a free video game that stars you and your friends? Now look at your man, back up to me, back at your man, back… Read More »

By Sully, June 22, 2016 Comments Off on Everyone Is Kung-Fu Fighting News

Wax off that dusty Kinect and toss on a headband, because there’s finally something to play on your Kinect for XBox One. Kung Fu for Kinect allows you to karate kick and punch your way through 22 levels of story… Read More »

By Sully, June 18, 2016 Comments Off on Ara Fell Charms Its Way On to Steam News

Sometimes a freeware game does well enough to merit a remastered release as an honest to goodness game for purchase. Stegosoft Games took the demand for their title Ara Fell the Legend of Dirisetsu Hollow that had gained some traction prior… Read More »