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By Sully, December 29, 2012 Comments Off on The Adventures of Rubberkid News

While we all love playing games, it’s not that often that we combine games with a positive purpose. The Adventures of Rubberkid is a FREE Adobe Flash game with the stated goal of raising awareness of childhood bullying. It’s currently… Read More »

By Sully, December 28, 2012 Comments Off on Aliens Colonial Marines Story Trailer News

Gearbox’s foray into the Aliens franchise looks to be one of the most exciting releases of early 2013 and this new story trailer just makes it that much harder to wait until it comes out on February 12, 2013. Pay… Read More »

By Sully, December 28, 2012 Comments Off on Edge of Twilight Lives News

Edge of Twilight, the action/adventure steampunk game that had initially been shown back in 2009, has risen from the depths of cancellation and is being revived by the new iteration of Fuzzy Eyes Entertainment. It was announced today that the… Read More »

By Sully, December 20, 2012 Comments Off on See the First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite News

While we’ll have to wait until March 26, 2013 to take part in all that Bioshock Infinite has to offer, Irrational Games was nice enough to release this video allowing you to watch the first five minutes of the game…. Read More »

By Sully, December 20, 2012 Comments Off on Wii U’s TVii Out Today News

One of the Wii U’s lauded features was it’s TVii app, which unfortunately was not available at launch. Nintendo has announced that the service will finally be available tomorrow (December 20) as a free download app. The service will allow… Read More »

By Sully, December 19, 2012 Comments Off on Godus Hits Kickstarter Goal News

Peter Molyneux, the man famous for creating the God-game genre and also for overselling his games, has finally returned to the genre that he spawned with his latest endeavor, Godus. It had looked like Godus might not meet its Kickstarter… Read More »

By Sully, December 18, 2012 Comments Off on Walking Dead Episode One FREE News

In case you have missed out so far on the gaming awesomeness that is The Walking Dead game, Telltale has been kind enough to offer episode one of the iOS version completely free for a limited time. The remaining episodes… Read More »

By Victoria, December 10, 2012 Comments Off on First Dark Souls II trailer shown during 2012 VGA News

Dark Souls II is happening. The¬†announcement¬†trailer, shown at the VGAs, started speculation that a new game was in the works though a sequel to Dark Souls wasn’t confirmed until later. Not much information has been released as of yet, but… Read More »

By Sully, December 10, 2012 Comments Off on Street Fighter X Mega Man News

What does Capcom have in store for the conclusion of Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary and the onset of Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary? A free 8-bit crossover game for PC of course. The game will be available for download for free… Read More »

By Sully, December 10, 2012 Comments Off on DOTA 2 To Tablets? News

The good folks over at Kotaku got some potentially interesting information out of Gabe Newell recently. When asked about any software developments from Valve, Newell let it be known that they have working on porting DOTA 2 over to tablets…. Read More »