For Honor Alpha Breakdown

We’ve seen the various heroes in their trailers, we’ve seen the story through the cinematic trailer, and now we got to get hands on with the Alpha build itself. The game is visually one of the most impressive games I’ve played on the PS4 so far. The gameplay looks photo-realistic and the camera angles work well to both put you in the action and give you enough perspective to command the battlefield. Your combat against soldiers (grunts) is pretty basic though. You just spam light and heavy attack until they are wiped out. When you fight a genuine enemy though, the combat is very nuanced with both blocking and attacking having to be done in the correct direction to be successful. You can attempt to break someone’s guard or even throw them if you can time your attack correctly. Multiplayer game modes allow you duel other individuals one on one, duel the AI, or full-fledged combat in groups against humans or AI. There’s no denying the potential of this unique battle of the tough guys game. Check out the video to see the game’s combat system broken down.


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Sully is the Editor-in-Chief of God Mode Magazine. He previously worked as an editorial assistant at Relevant Magazine and as Editor-in-Chief of XBox Buyer's Guide. He studied Journalism at UCF where he minored in Judaic Studies.

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