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By Sully, October 15, 2016 Comments Off on Nidhogg Returns News

Fencing in crazy environments has never looked this good or grotesque depending on your perspective. Messhof, the folks that brought you the first Nidhogg of course, are bringing over ten levels of fencing goodness in the form of Nidhogg 2…. Read More »

By Dakota Myers, October 12, 2016 0

Platformers are often defined with many objectives and mechanics in mind to stir up the pot of a seemly overpopulated… Read More »

By Sully, October 11, 2016 Comments Off on The Fangs Come Out in 2017 News

While zombies have been featured in every genre of video game countless times, vampires have failed to get their days in the sun. DontNod (the studio behind Remember Me and Life is Strange) and Focus Home Interactive are doing their… Read More »

By Junior Ferreira, October 8, 2016 0 ,

SkyBoats, developed by BrainGoodGames, is a strategy-based game that reminds you a lot of Hexic, if you’ve ever played it…. Read More »

By Sully, October 7, 2016 0 , , ,

In Guppy you play as, you guessed it, a guppy fish that’s trying to make his way in this world…. Read More »

By Sully, October 6, 2016 Comments Off on Sniper Ghost Warrior Goes Open World News

The Sniper Ghost Warrior series has been around since 2010 but never before have players been given the amount of freedom to roam the world as they are in the upcoming entry in the franchise. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 introduces,… Read More »

By Sully, October 5, 2016 Comments Off on Clustertruck Roars on to the Scene News

Very few games do extreme platforming like the latest game from tinyBuild and Landfall Games. Clustertruck has you jumping on top of out of control crazy semi trucks to get through each level. If that wasn’t challenge enough they have also… Read More »

By Sully, October 5, 2016 Comments Off on Warhammer Vermintide Hits Consoles News

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide has finally made its way from PC on to consoles with its recent release on PS4 and XBox One. The console version includes the same first-person, medieval vermin smashing that released on PC, as well… Read More »

By Sully, October 3, 2016 Comments Off on Poll: Favorite Horror Franchise News
By Sully, October 2, 2016 Comments Off on Rioting Gets Competitive News

If you’ve been looking for a healthy outlet for your compulsion toward looting and turf-warfare, then Smash+Grab might be just the game you’ve been looking for. United Front Games just launched their newest creation as an Early Access title on… Read More »