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By Sully, September 20, 2016 Comments Off on The Bat Is Back for Another Round News

The second entry in the episodic Batman series, Children of Arkham, released today so that you can continue Wayne’s twisting story of corruption and betrayal. Season Pass and Season Disc holders will be able to download the latest gripping tale… Read More »

By Sully, September 20, 2016 Comments Off on Owlboy Looks Like A Hoot News

Every couple of years a game from a smaller studio catches the imagination of the larger gaming community. Owlboy is just one of those games. It has been winning awards around the world for everything from excellence in visual arts… Read More »

By Sully, September 16, 2016 Comments Off on Sonic Spins Again News

Sonic¬†games have had a spotty history since the 90’s, but the upcoming Sonic Mania looks to harken back to the original games for its direction. With retro-style pixel animation and re-imagined iconic Zones and Acts from Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic… Read More »

By Sully, September 16, 2016 Comments Off on More Final Fantasy XV From Tokyo News

Fresh from the start of the Tokyo Game Show comes a new Final Fantasy XV trailer for your viewing pleasure. This one delves into the game’s plot further and reveals many of the characters that you will encounter in the… Read More »

By Sully, September 16, 2016 Comments Off on Biohazard Demo Is Back For More News

With 3 million downloads so far, there is a good chance you have already played the Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo. Now there is a reason to play it again or try it out for the first time…. Read More »

By Sully, September 15, 2016 Comments Off on Nier: Automata Slashes Forward News

Square Enix and Platinum Games have come together to bring us the follow up to Nier with Nier: Automata. In a world where humans have fled Earth after a machine invasion, a new army of android soldiers presents their only… Read More »

By M.T. Sullivan, September 13, 2016 0 , , ,

Another NFL season is here and that means another installment of one of the top games regularly associated with a… Read More »

By Sully, September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Dead Rising ReAwakened News

2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of Dead Rising and Capcom is using this opportunity to release updated versions of Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. All three games will be released digitally on both… Read More »

By Sully, September 10, 2016 Comments Off on The Floor Is Lava News

If you’re anything like me, you grew up playing some variation of the childhood game “The Floor is Lava.” Well it looks like somebody has finally taken it upon themselves to make a video game out of that concept. From… Read More »

By Sully, September 9, 2016 Comments Off on Dragon Quest Meets Minecraft News

With the runaway success of Minecraft, it was inevitable that we would see some other games come behind it and enter the block building landscape. While there have been some less than stellar games looking to piggyback on its success,… Read More »