Gone in November

6.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 2/10
Story: 8/10
Gameplay : 6/10

Deep story | Interesting topic | Pulls at your heartstrings

Poor graphics | Technical glitches | Grammar problems

Game Info

GAME NAME: Gone in November

DEVELOPER(S): Florastamine

PUBLISHER(S): Sometimes You


RELEASE DATE(S): August 18, 2016

Gone in November, developed by Florastamine and produced by Sometimes You is a very suspenseful walking simulator. Though lacking in atmospheric depth, it makes up for it in the story. While the game is quite short and can be completed within 15-30 minutes, it still does a good job at doing what video games are meant to do, remove you from whatever it was you were doing and toss you into this world of a depressed man.

Gone in November illustrates the story of a man who suffers from an overdose and depression problem, as well as various other psychological issues. The story itself puts you through the daily life of said man who is in the process of post-death recuperation. Without spoiling too much of the story, in the beginning of the story you are encouraged to do daily chores to show you how grim the life of this man has become since this tragic incident occurred. Once you get through that as the character; you enter the part of the game that almost fuses you with the countless thoughts that go through this man’s mind as he walks down a dark path of self-loathing and depression. There are several anecdotes throughout this journey that further develop the story of why this person is the way he is now.

gone in november


I like the fact that this game focuses its attention on a problem that we face in this day and age with drug abuse. It does a great job at creating an environment where you almost feel like you are this person with an overdosing problem and facing depression. The story does a good job at pulling your emotional strings. What I also liked was the suspense that the story brought to the table with each step you took as the character it felt like you were diving deeper and deeper into the person’s emotions and becoming one with the character.

One major fault that this game suffers from however, is its various typos. If you are a very grammatically correct individual, you’re going to have a rough time getting swept by this story, however for the average player; it should not affect you too much. There were also technical glitches in the beginning that involved the camera constantly spinning. This was resolved by having to uninstall a common third-party software that gamers use daily, which can be a tipping point for players trying to get started. The only other thing that forces my hand in lessening the overall score for this game is its graphics. With so many free and available graphics engines out now, there should be no reason this game should have the type of graphics it has in this day and age.



In summary, this game is a great value for its current price point. It gives you alternate ending options for replay value. Though a very short game, the story makes up for it. There are various typos that can sometimes derail you if you are riding the emotional express or trying to escape the stress of daily life. I would like to mention that this game caters to drug abuse and if you or anyone you know is on antidepressants or abuses drugs and may run the risk of overdosing, please contact your local hospital for help with getting treatment options.


Game not rated by ESRB. Game includes some drug use. The PC version of the game was provided by the developer for this review. 


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