I Am Alive

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound / Music: 9/10
Graphics : 7/10

High-pressure decision making | Solid climbing mechanics | Compelling narrative

Combat difficulty can be frustrating | You can’t jump except for specific areas | Repetitive dialogue from enemies

Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): Ubisoft Shanghai



RELEASE DATE(S): April 3, 2012

I Am Alive takes you on a gritty tale of survival as you attempt to make it one more day in a world where most of human civilization has been wiped out. Beyond surviving you are looking to reunite with your lost wife and daughter, but finding them means navigating the suffocating, murky streets that are covered in a deadly dust. You will climb the remaining skyscrapers looking for food or even the luxury of clean air. Along the way you will encounter distrustful survivors, dangerous armed gangs and victims in need. Not much is certain in this world except that you are alive.

I Am Alive


I Am Alive is able to create suspense in a way that very few other games have. By severely limiting your ammunition, the game is able to make every enemy encounter tense and your combat decisions life or death. While the combat can be frustratingly difficult it is actually one of the most interesting combat systems I’ve ever played. At no point will you be able to shoot everyone, so you have to choose which enemies to shoot, which to intimidate and when to resort to a surprise machete attack. With an intriguing narrative, excellent climbing system and intense decision making throughout, I Am Alive truly impressed.

I Am Alive


Version of game used for this review: XBox 360


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