Shu’s Garden

7.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound/Music: 6/10
Gameplay : 7/10

Relaxing music | Cute art style | Interesting mechanics

Limited size | Not much to do | Sounds can get annoying

Game Info

GAME NAME: Shu’s Garden

DEVELOPER(S): Colin Sanders, Jason RT Bond


PLATFORM(S): PC, Mac, Android, iOS

RELEASE DATE(S): August 11, 2015

In Shu’s Garden you get to play as the titular character Shu, who is “a space-cactus”. You also get to switch between his friends and supporting characters to jump from planet to planet to bring new plants to life. You can run around sucking up all the plant life, mixing plants together, play tag with a friend, or maybe just launch a giraffe into space. The world is your playground, and like in a real playground you can invite your friend to come along (Steam Version). You can play in split screen mode with up to four players at once to really get the party going.

When on the PC you can use either a keyboard and mouse or a controller of any type to control Shu and his friends. This makes a game way better when it comes with any sort of controller support. The art style of Shu’s Garden is very cute and simplistic yet abstract, which is exactly what a relaxing game should be. The soundtrack behind this game matches the art style of floaty and free, like a child’s TV program. Playing alone you can get a couple hours of fun that is well worth the price tag, but when adding some friends along you can get way more fun out of it. Especially for a younger audience, the local multiplayer can be great to play when your friends come over.



Now Shu’s Garden isn’t without its flaws here and there. My main flaw is some of the sound effects of the game. The sounds can get a little annoying and can get peaky at some points, which found me muting the game entirely for a while. Sadly you can’t mute the sounds without muting the beautiful music. Now this game is aimed at everyone, so it really shows to be aimed more towards a younger audience in the sense of gameplay, but it is a relaxing game for the older audience.

Overall Shu’s Garden is a relaxing game that gives you a feeling of floating freely in space in your own little world. The game is what you make it to be. There is no story or missions. It is all up to the player to make their own experiences. The game is clearly aimed towards a more younger audience, but it doesn’t mean we also can’t have fun with it.


This game was not rated by the ESRB. The PC version of this game was provided by the developer for review. 


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